How it Works

sQRmap is a mobile marketing platform which allows to easily create and run interactive and engaging offline-to-online marketing campaings:
  1. Create and configure your mobile landing page. No coding or experience needed. Immediate feedback through our emualator.
  2. Create and configure the user experience of your mobile users. Add geo-localization support, Call to Actions (mobile coupons, sign-up forms, etc.).
  3. Edit and download the QR code to be integrated into the offline marketing campaign (newspapers, magazines, billboards, flyers, etc.).
  4. Measure, measure, measure, measure!

sQRmap Places

By adding sQRmap Places, it is possile to add geo-localization support. The corresponding user experience is depicted in the figure on the left. From the places button in the landing page, it is possible to access:

  • The list of places closer to the user location. Depending on the marketing campaign, example of places could be shops, points of sale, points of interest, etc.
  • The details of the single Place (e.g., phone, description, opening hours, etc.)

Call to Action!

You can choose within a rich set of sQRmap Call to Actions. Call to Actions are configurable parts of the user experience that can be configures to engage users, and stimolate interactions. Examples include

  • mobile couponing strategies;
  • sign-up forms;
  • interactive questionnaires.
Specific actions can be created upon request!

Measure, measure, measure!

Exploit sQRmap advanced real-time analytics for monitoring the performance of your marketing campaign!
  • geo-analytics
  • multi-channel monitoring
  • time/hour/day based analytics
  • coupons, leads, conversion rate monitoring